Who Uses Call Answering?


The question of who uses call answering is a common one from people interested in the subject. The short answer is: businesses or owners or managers thereof. Basically, the question of who uses call answering can be answered by the phrase, “anyone whose time is valuable enough that they believe the service justifies the cost.”

Who uses call answering can be broken down into two categories: businesses and people.

Who Uses Call Answering: Businesses

All types of businesses use call answering. These go from sole proprietorships to the world’s largest corporations. As you would expect, sole proprietorships and other small businesses typically use a more basic system that routs calls to the appropriate place and takes messages if the calls are not answered. Everyone from plumbers to accountants to lawyers to marketing consultants can use this form of call answering, but some of these professionals use the more expensive manual call answering option. In addition to the group listed above, those who use manual call answering could include: equipment repair technicians, doctors, financial traders and more. Basically, manual call answering is used by businesses where it is of paramount importance that the caller be able to get a hold of the business or worker at a moment’s notice.

All larger corporations typically use automated call answering systems. These go from systems almost as basic as those used by small businesses to multi-million dollar systems that route calls all over the world and utilize voice input and text-to-speech output. These larger systems can be based on a software program or custom designed to fit the individual business. Corporate call answering systems are by and large complex machines that require dedicated personnel to keep them up and running smoothly.

In short, the question of who uses call answering in the business world can be reversed to “who doesn’t use call answering?”

Who Uses Call Answering: Personal

Some people choose to use call answering services themselves. Typically, these are people who believe their time is precious enough to warrant such a system. Rather than automated systems, these people tend to use the manual variety, which are answered by a live operator. In essence, these operators become virtual secretaries to their clients, scheduling appointments, diverting annoying callers and more.

So who exactly uses call answering? The fact is that users cover the full spectrum from corporate CEOs to soccer moms and everyone in between. You might be surprised by who uses call answering.

As you can see, call answering is used by hundreds of millions of people and thousands of businesses around the world. As technology improves and the fancier automated systems become cheaper, the number of call answering systems will likewise increase. By and large, the days of calls being answered immediately by their intended recipient are coming to an end. Who uses call answering is a question that will one day not even be asked, because the practice will become ubiquitous throughout the world.

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