24 Hour Call Answering Service


Whether you sell products to a world-wide audience or require round-the-clock medical call answering, a 24 hour call answering service may be the solution for you. Besides large businesses and high-traffic websites, those who use 24 hour call answering services are generally divided into two groups: business and medical. Businesses can include law firms, funeral homes, HVAC contractors and any other business that needs calls answered 24 7. Medical services can include triage for hospitals and doctors, after-hours patient calls, stat calls and more.

Though not as popular as they once were, there are several quality medical answering services out there that will provide 24 hour call answering services to doctors around the United States and the world. These services usually employ medical professionals who are fully trained in triage and put their training to use through the prioritization of incoming calls according to generally accepted triage procedures. Calls with the highest priority can be immediately forwarded to appropriate personnel, including local emergency centers, while lower priority calls can be handled by other agents or routed to voice mail.

24 hour call answering services are also used by businesses who sell popular products advertised on media 24 hours per day. When commercials prompt consumers to call a toll-free number, a business does not want to lose that sale, so they employ a 24 hour call answering service to take orders. Usually, these are relatively small items, and the consumer will have few if any questions. Thus, this is a perfect role for a 24 hour call answering service. These services will usually integrate themselves into a business, so the caller isnít even aware theyíre talking to an answering service rather than someone at the business office itself. As long as the business agrees, this practice is perfectly legal and is undertaken by most services.

Independent lawyers and law firms also take advantage of 24 hour call answering services. After all, emergency transcriptions, witness statements and other urgent legal matters donít wait until the light of day. These services can act as virtual receptionists even during the work day, screening calls and setting appointments just as an in-person receptionist would, for a fraction of the cost.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning services are relied upon every day to keep office buildings comfortable. Refrigerators and freezers are keeping stocks of blood, medicine and food at the appropriate temperature at all times. Contractors who repair this equipment require 24 hour call answering services to alert them whenever thereís a problem. They will usually give a number to all of their clients which can be used any time, day or night. The answering service allows the client to actually talk to someone, rather than leave a message on a voice mail system that may not be checked for hours. The answering service can then deliver the message in any number of ways or contact the contractor directly.

24 hour call answering services are relied upon by many elements of modern society. Itís not a stretch to say that the world would be lost without them.

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